Quality and the Environment

Our main objective is giving an excellent service increasing productivity and competitivenes in a sustainable and environment-friendly way. That is why we work with the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment which enable us to offer competitive products.

Quality and environmental policy

Our most important goal is meeting the needs of our clients by providing high quality services. Concerned with the natural resources limitation and the environmental impacts related to the development of our industry, we consider of vital importance the implementation of an Integrated Quality & Environmental Management System.

The Integrated Quality & Environmental Management System of Gráficas Piquer requires:

  • Meeting the needs of our clients guaranteeing a high level of fulfilment.
  • Complying with the current legislation in our facilities, points of sale and distribution, paying especial attention to those aspects related to the environmental conservation.
  • Preventing or minimising as far as possible the negative effects that our industry inflicts on the environment.
  • Managing properly the generated waste, reducing it to the extent possible in the first place.
  • Communicating such policy and spreading those environmental concern and pollution prevention practices to all the staff.
  • Raising quality and environmental awareness among the staff.
  • Making this policy publicly available.
  • Becoming a printing company of reference in the graphic arts industry, being distinguished from our competitors by the quality of our services and the undertaking of an environmental commitment.

For these purposes, Gráficas Piquer commits to:

  • The periodic revision of our facilities, products and services ensuring the correct observance of this policy and constantly improving the effectivenes of the management system.
  • The review of the policy according to its context and the quality and environmental gauges to balance the nature, magnitude and impacts of our activities.
  • The establishment and follow-up of quality and environmental objectives that assure the compliance of every point in the policy as well as its analysis and possible improvement.

This quality and environmental policy applies to every service offered by Gráficas Piquer: design, printing, finishing, binding, distributing, stationary sales and digital reprography.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan

In this globalised economy we are living in, workers, clients, suppliers, and the whole society are requesting more and more social responsibility to the companies.

In Gráficas Piquer we are convinced that the corporate social responsibility is not and shouldn’t become a fad or a more or less appropriate practice but an authentic challenge for our competitiveness, credibility and progress.

The Corporate Social Responsibility is a complex concept that refers to the company’s principles and conditions the relations with its pressure groups, workers, clients, suppliers and partners, along with the society and the environment where Gráficas Piquer develops its activity.

This is why Gráficas Piquer has long been aware of its duty to being accountable to those communities in a detailed and transparent way. All things considered, Gráficas Piquer wishes to convey its most firm and determined will to make the company an entity of excellence, more competitive, more supportive and committed to those communities and people we treat with daily.