The Production Department is responsible for the quoting and managing of requests, planning every order, tracking it while printing, and coordinating its delivery once finished. Your requests will be received on the phone, by fax or e-mail.



The Pre-press Department is in charge of preparing the files for printing with the help of cutting-edge technology and specific softwares for designing, formatting and doing the layouts through the following stages:

  1. Imposition. Done with Kodak PREPS, an image imposition standard.
  2. Colour printing test and layout in a calibrated printer. We test every colour and layout, visually checking the work before sending it to printing.
  3. Direct to plate printing. We use the densitometer with the plates periodically to check the burning / developing quality.



We rely on technology and have the best resources to guarantee the highest quality in our impressions. We have at our disposal an 8 colour sheetfed offset printing press able to print up to 720 x 1020 mm. formats after receiving instructions from the CIP4 files generated in the pre-press process and a specific in-line densitometer that verifies and optimises the printing colour.



Gráficas Piquer has its own Binding Department where many processes are carried out: assembling, punching, creasing, die-cutting, folding, stapling, perfect binding, sewing…

All these enable us to make a whole range of graphic products: books, magazines, brochures, folders, leaflets, polyptychs, cards, envelopes, notebooks…